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Delhi Police Constable 2020 Exam- 16 Important Questions(With Answerd) Asked In 28 November [1st shift]

 Delhi Police Constable Exam Analysis 2020: The Delhi Police Constable Exam has been scheduled from 27th November 2020 to 14th December 2020, in online mode. 29/11/2020 is held  exam and thousands of candidates have appeared for the examination. To help the candidates who are going to appear in the upcoming shifts regarding the difficulty level of the exam, questions asked, and the number of good attempts here is the brief Delhi Police Constable Exam Analysis 2020.

SSC Delhi Police Constable 2020 GK/ Current Affairs/ Computer Knowledge Questions – 28th  November 2020

1. Dandi March started from: On March 12, 1930, Mahatma Gandhi embarked a historic Salt March from Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat's Ahmedabad to the village of Dandi.

2. Kathak Dance belongs to which State?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

3. Shovana Narayan is related to which Dance?

Answer: Kathak Dance

4. Article 148 of Indian Constitution is related to:

Answer: Comptroller and Auditor-General of India (CAG)

5. 4th Buddhist Council was held at:

Answer: The Fourth Buddhist Council was held at Kundalvana (presumed to be in or near Srinagar), Kashmir in 72 AD under the patronage of Kushan king Kanishka and the president of this council was Vasumitra, with Asvaghosa as his deputy.

6. Who is the Ex-Officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

Answer: The Vice President of India is the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha.

7. Winter Olympics 2024 will be held at:

Answer: Gangwon, South Korea

8. Nobel Peace Prize 2020 given to:

Answer: World Food Programme

9. Who won T20 World Cup 2016?

Answer: West Indies

10. “Playing it my way” is the autobiography of:

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

11. New Appointed Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir:

Answer: Manoj Sinha

12. Who won IPL in 2008?

Answer: Rajasthan Royals

13. Akbar started which religion?

Answer: Din-i Ilahi

14. Bihu Dance is from which State:

Answer: Assam

15. Who is the author of ‘Overdraft: Saving the Indian Saver’?

Answer: Urjit Patel

16. Maximum Rajya Sabha Seats are from which State:

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

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