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Indian GK 2021- Top 20 Indian GK Repeated In All Exams

 Important General Knowledge 2021

General Knowledge is the main part of all competitive exams syllabus. its value is high. if you candidates in Competitive examination then this General Knowledge is help for your Exams. AssamExams.in Provides 20 Important General knowledge  given bellow:

Indian GK 2021

This Top 20 GK In Repeated For All Exams-

(1) What is the full form of GST ?

Ans: Goods and Service Tax.

(2) How many tax slabs are there in Indian GST system ?

Ans: 5.

(3) Who governs GST system ?

Ans: Cabinet.

(4) Which Was  the first Country to implement GST ?

Ans: France.

(5) Aadhar bill 2016 will________ ?

Ans: Target delivery of financial & other subsidiaries , benefits & services.

(6) Who is the present Governor of Assam ?

Ans: Jagdish Mukhi.

(7) When did India demonetize high value currency note of Rs500 & Rs1000  ?

Ans: 8 November , 2016.

(8) Who is the first cricketer to score three double century in ODI cricket ?

Ans: Rohit Sharma.

(9) Who is the first sports person to get BHARAT RATNA ?

Ans: Sachin Tendulkar.

(10) Which is the longest river bridge in India which is recently opened ?

Ans: Bhupen Hajarika Setu, Assam.

(11) World Forestery day was observed on 

Ans: 21st March.

(12) Which railway station has been nominated as the " Green Station" ?

Ans:  Rameswaram Railway Station .

(13) Which year was the ministry of AYUSH formed ?

Ans: 2014.

(14) The first white label ATM was established in ?

Ans: Mumbai.

(15) World Health Day (WHD) is observed on  April 7th of every year. what is the theme for the year 2016 ?

Ans: Beat Diabetes.

(16) Which Bollywood actor has been awarded with the "Master Dinanath Mangeshkar "Award ?

Ans: Ranveer Singh.

(17) Which cricket team has won the 2016 World T20 title ?

Ans: West -Indies.

(18) World Homeopathy Day " is celebrated on which that every year ?

Ans: 10th April.

(19) Who is the CEO of Facebook ?

Ans: Mark Zuckerberg.

(20) When union ministry of commerce and industry launched Twitter Seva ?

Ans: 21st April 2016. 

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