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SI Unit of - Pressure, Electric, Speed


Most important for all competitive exams ......i.e SSC , railway, Assam police, APSC , PNRD etc .

1) The SI units of pressure is ___?

A) Pascal

B) Newton

C) kg/m³

D) kg/m²

Correct answer: (a) pascal

2) A plane mirror produces?

A) virtual and erect image

B) an image of the same size.

C) laterally inverted image

D) all the above

Correct answer: (d) all the above

3) A normal eye can see objects clearly beyond a distance of?

A) 20 CMS

B) 40 CMS

C) 35 CMS

D) 25 CMS

Correct answer: (d) 25 cms

4) The speed of the light is?

A) 3000 million m/s

B) 300 million m/s

C) 200 million m/s

D) 250 million m/s

Correct answer: (b) 300 million m/s

5) The SI unit of electric current is ?

A) Newton

B) volt

C) columb

D) ampere

Correct answer: (d) ampere

6) The unit is resistance is ?

A) ohm

B) volt

C) columb

D) Ampere

Correct answer: (a) ahm

7) momentum is ____?

A) mass × speed

B) mass × acceleration

C) speed × acceleration

D) mass × velocity

Correct answer: (d) mass × velocity

8) The SI unit of speed is ?

A) m/s

B) m/h

C) km/s

D) km/h

Correct answer: m/s

9) The product of force and displacement is known as ?

A) momentum

B) velocity

C) the work done

D) gravity

Correct answer: (c) the work done

10) Horse power is also a unit of ?

A) work

B) power

C) energy

D) force

Correct answer: (b) power

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