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Antonyms questions and answers

 Antonyms Question 2021

An antonym is a word or a phrase which is opposite in meaning of another word or a phrase . examples : the antonym of the word " Abundance " is Scarcity.

Assam TET Important Antonyms are:

1) The salesman speech was punctuated with frivolous remarks.

a) profound

b) effective

c) grave

d) provocative

correct answer: c

2) The drug gave him instant relief from pain.

a) final

b) complete

c) genuine

d) delayed

correct answer: d

3) His radical views made him unpopular.

a) conservative

b) narrow

c) outmoded

d) childish

correct answer: a

4) The Indian cricketers put up a dismal performance in Australia.

a) cheerful

b) spirited

c) bright

d) memorable

correct answer: b

5) He was poor and arrogant.

a) modest

b) obedient

c) timid

d) earnest

correct answer: a

6) The injection was given to the patient to alleviate the pain.

a) elevate

b) sharpen

c) aggravate

d) promote

correct answer: c

7) There is quite tenuous evidence for it.

a) substantial

b) enough

c) reasonable

d) ample

correct answer: a

8) Self reproach is not always very good thing.

a) self esteem

b) self assurance

c) self justification

d) self satisfaction

correct answer: a

9) They made a profligate use of scarce resources.

a) proper

b) extravagant

c) effective

d) thrifty

correct answer: d

10) The dictator quelled the uprising.

a) fostered

b) defended

c) upported

d) fomented

correct answer: d

11) people are unwilling to follow the rules.

a) waive

b) neglect

c) dispose

d) disregard

correct answer: d 

12) That was an impudent remark.

a) gentle

b) mild

c) modest

d) unassuming

correct answer: c

13) His sudden appearance on the scene was fortuitous.

a) circumstantial

b)   unfortunate

c) sudden

d) calculated

correct answer: d

14) The batsman gave a sterling performance.

a) a risky 

b) a vital

c) an ordinary

d) a match saving 

correct answer: c

15) He showed a marked antipathy to foreigners.

a) profundity

b) fondness

c) objection

d) willingness

correct answer: b

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