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Blood Relation Question - Important Reasoning Part For All Competitive Exams

 Blood Relationship Concepts 

Blood Relation or other information of more than two person are mentioned....

In these test the success of a candidates depends upon the knowledge of the bloods relation , some of which are  summarized below to help solve these test

Examples are: 

  • Mothers or fathers son : Brother
  • Mothers or fathers daughter :  Sister
  • Mothers of fathers brother : Uncle
  • Mothers or fathers sister: Aunt
  • Mothers or fathers father: Grandfather
  • Mothers or Fathers mother: Grandmother
  • Sons wife: Daughter -in -law

  • Daughters husband : Son-in -law
  • Husband or wife sister: Sister-in-law
  • Husbands or wife s brother: Brother-in-law
  • Brothers son: Nephew
  • Brothers Daughter: Niece
  • Uncle or aunt s son or daughter: Cousin
  • Sister Husband: Brother -in-law
  • Brothers wife: Sister-in-law
  • Grandson s or grand daughters daughter: Great grand daughter  

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