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Child Development & Pedagogy (compulsory) Important Question For Assam TET Exams 2021

Child Development & Pedagogy (compulsory) Question 

Important For Assam TET Exams 2021 (L.P & U.P)

 1) The most critical period of acquisition and development of languages is ?

a) Pre-natal-period

b) Early childhood

c) Middle childhood

d) Adolescence

2) Which of the following is a stage of moral development proposed by Lawrence Kohlberg ?

a) Latency stage

b) The social contract orientation

c) Concrete operational stage

d) Industry vs. Inferiority stage

3) During classroom discussion , a teachers often pays more attention to boys than girls . this is an example of ?

a) Gender bias

b) Gender identity

c) Gender relevance

d) Gender constancy

4) Giving cues to children and offering support as and when needed is an example of ?

a) Reinforcement

b) Conditioning

c) Modeling

d) Scaffolding

5) Primary objective of assessment should be ?

a) Assigning rank to student 

b) Understanding children clarity and confusion about related concept

c) Labelling  students as per their score

d) Marking pass or fail in the reports cards 

6) Ruhi always thinks of multiple solution to a problem many of which are original solution . Ruhi is displaying characteristics of a/an ? 

a) Creative thinker

b) Convergent thinker

c) Rigid thinker

d) Egocentric thinker

7) In a situation of a less participation of students belonging to a deprived group in teaching - learning process , a teachers should

a) Ask the children to withdraw from school

b) Accept this situation as it is

c) Lower her expectations from such students

d) Reflect on her own teaching and find ways to improve students involvement

8) In an inclusive classroom , a teachers ______ individualized education plans ?

a) Should not prepare

b) Should occasionally prepare

c) Should actively prepare

d) Should discourage the preparation of

9) The primary Characteristics of children with "dyslexia" includes ?

a) Attention deficit disorders

b) Divergent thinking : fluency in reading

c) Inability to read fluently 

d) Engaging in repetitive locomotors action 

10) In the constructivist framework , learning is primarily ?

a) Base on rote- memorization

b) Centred around reinforcement

c) Acquired through conditioning

d) Focus on the process of meaning making

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